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What is Balayage Hair Color? And what to expect

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In 2022, we’ve seen a lot of hair trends that come and go, but some have inevitably made a statement and are here to stay.  In any case, we don’t care about the trends that couldn’t make it to the end of 2022, but we’re more interested to see which trend will make it to 2023.

Among all the hair trends we see this year, a simple hair balayage trend is one of the most promising trends in 2022 that you can expect will be going headstrong into the 2023 trend. Before we dig deeper, what is hair balayage?

Hair Balayage originated from Balayage, which is a French word that means “to sweep.” In this hair colour technique, highlights are “swept” on the surface of random sections of hair creating more depth and subtle, thinner streaks of colour into the hair. Balayage is an easy way to make sure your hair colours are not getting a harsh blend when it grows out. 

A balayage hair colour can be done in most professional hair salons as it’s a simple procedure that does not take as much time as doing highlights. Among one the hair salons that do provide a professional service of balayage hair colour is REDS Hair Dressing located in Johor Bahru for both local Malaysians and Singaporeans that are travelling to Johor for a different hairdressing experience.

When we mention the word hair colour, a lot of people would be concerned about the after-effects of balayage. The question that circles in everyone’s minds right now is – Does getting a balayage damage your hair? The short answer is, no. But let us break it down into detail.

A balayage hair colour is only a few streaks of colour on different parts of your hair that would sometimes involve bleaching – which is the exact part that scares a lot of people. But these small natural-looking streaks of colour are easy to maintain and last longer than regular highlights because of the seamless transition. 

So, who usually does balayage? Does balayage hair colour work on all hair types? Well, yes. Balayage hair colour is typically done in lighter tones of the current hair colour, so regardless of your hair colour or length, it’s definitely a trend that keeps you looking chic!

Type of Balayage hair

If you’re already interested to do a balayage hair colour, you’re probably wondering how long balayage hair lasts. Typically, you can go many months without needing a touch-up, meaning your hair can simply nourish and flourish with the after-care products without going through extreme procedures. In other words, it will last you for months but with proper care, you could go longer until you need to book your next session!

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