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What is Hair Rebonding? The risk and tips to follow…

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Clearing Doubts On Doing A Rebonding Treatment For Your Hair

Do you know that maintaining curly hair can be 50% more expensive than naturally straight hair? Yes, it can. And this is because curly hair requires specific hair care products targeted to help achieve luscious and healthy curly locks. This is why most hair salons and hair experts provide services such as hair rebonding to help straighten the hair for lesser maintenance costs and easier care procedures.

First off, we would like to explain what hair rebonding really is. Unlike straightening your hair with a straightener, rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and re-arranges them to form new textures, giving it a sleek, silky, straight style.


Of course, when it comes to professional procedures like rebonding, it is important to know your current hair condition as it will help the professional stylist to include or exclude a certain product for a better and healthier end result. It is also important to know what kind of rebonding services would be suitable for the hair style and texture. Most hair salons would offer services such as hair rebonding and soft rebonding to cater to different types of hair.

If you’re planning to get a hair rebonding hair style treatment, your first question would probably be about the end result – How long does volume rebonding last? The answer to that is rebonding treatments could possibly last up to 6 months if taken care of properly, but even at the most basic care, it should last up to 3 months. 

If you have had anyone close to you who had done a rebonding hair treatment, then you’re probably looking into ways of taking care of your new straight hair. So, how should you take care of your hair after rebonding? It’s simple! Here are a few things to keep note of;

  • Avoid hot water as much as possible
  • Avoid washing your hair immediately
  • Always use a conditioner
  • Avoid tying up your hair tightly with a hairband.

Although, remember these are only the basic things to follow after your rebonding. The detail of the after-care truly depends on your hair type so a consultation with your hair expert really does make a difference. And at the end of the day, you need to know your budget for hair rebonding treatments. So, how much does rebonding treatment cost in Malaysia?

Typically, hair rebonding treatments would starts around RM200 for short-length hair and it can go up to RM600 for longhaired. This is still negotiable as prices for hair rebonding treatments also depend on the condition of your hair texture to determine the overall procedures and after-care product requirements. 

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